Bikini Worthy Legs

It’s that time again…Summer! Most families take a much needed vacation to the beach, but that doesn’t mean you have to take a vacation from your workout routine! You don’t want to sabotage all of the progress you have made, gain pounds back or lose muscle all in a weeks vacation.

I am going to show you a few exercises that target the legs. Turn heads this summer by performing 3 sets of each exercise. Your legs will be bikini worthy in just a few weeks!

Quick tip:  Try an early morning jog or intervals. You can even throw in some lunges or squats in between jogging intervals!

Exercise One: Hip Bridges

Plank photos 095

Laying on a mat or towel, feet on the ground, knees bent, gently peel your hips off the ground as pictured. Return back down to the starting position. Make sure that you are lifting your hips so that there is a straight line running all the way from your knee to your shoulder as pictured above. Repeat 20 times.

Exercise Two: Single Leg Hip Bridge

Plank photos 097

Start lying down on a mat or towel with your Right leg bent, foot on the ground and your left leg at a 45 degree angle in the air. Bridge hips up and down. Repeat 20 times. Switch legs.

Advanced Bonus: To really give your tush a boost, try this exercise with your weight on the supporting heel rather than a flat foot!

Exercise Three: Simple Squat

Copyright Aaron Riveroll Photography

Copyright Aaron Riveroll Photography

Start standing with your legs slightly wider than hip width apart. Toes parallel. Holding a 5 pound ball or free weight. Bend the knees or squat while simultaneously lifting the ball or free weight to shoulder level. Return to starting position! Repeat 20 times.

Advanced Bonus: Try this move with your feet “duck” or turned-out!

Try these exercises at least 3 times a week, 3 sets of 20 in addition to your regular cardiovascular and strength training routine.

See you at the beach!

Nikol Klein, ISSA CPT, SPN

For more information on how you can get Bikini Legs, visit Nikol’s website, or call (858) 598-5157 to schedule your FREE consultation!


About Nikol Klein

Nikol Klein is former Professional Ballet Dancer turned Women's fitness expert. She currently works with Women all over the world as a personal trainer and Ballet Strength coach to dancers.

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