10 Great Holiday Fitness Gifts

Now that you have transformed your life through Personal Training, it is time to give the gift of fitness to a friend or loved one this holiday season. We all know of at least one person in our lives who could desperately use a gentle nudge in the right direction. A fitness gift could change this persons life forever or in some cases, maybe even save it.

Here are a few of the best holiday fitness gifts that you could give a friend or loved one whether they are new to fitness or a fitness enthusiast.

1.) Nike iPod Sport Kit- This wireless sensor and receiver combination works exclusively with your Nike+ shoes and iPod nano, iPod touch, or iPhone 3GS to give you real-time feedback during workouts and let you track your performance on your Mac or PC. Find out more here.

2.) Yoga Mat- An avid gym goer could always use a new one of these as after time, they become loaded with germs and bacteria.

3.) Personal Training- Most Personal Trainers such as myself, offer Holiday gift certificates for training sessions or boot camps.

4.) A Spa/Massage Gift Certificate- Everyone could use a little pampering.

5.) Yoga Toes- Do your feet get tired after a long day at work? If so, you have to check out Yoga Toes.

6.) Sneakers- If you are working out and utilizing your athletic footwear, you should be buying a new pair of kicks every 4-6 months! Bum sneakers can lead to serious injury.

7.) Wii-Fit- If you can’t afford a Personal Trainer, this is the next best thing.

8.) Workout Gear- I’m a big fan of Lululemon and Hard Tail for comfortable yet stylish workout gear.

9.) A Heart Rate Monitor- Whether you’re working out with a Trainer or doing it yourself, a heart rate monitor is a must for any fitness enthusiast.

10.) A Bike- Bikes always make great holiday gifts. You could also consider an elliptical trainer or treadmill.

I hope these suggestions have given you some holiday shopping ideas! Remember, the gift of fitness could be the best gift your friend or loved one will receive in their entire life.

Best in Health,

Nikol Klein, Certified Personal Trainer/ Nutritionist




About Nikol Klein

Nikol Klein is former Professional Ballet Dancer turned Women's fitness expert. She currently works with Women all over the world as a personal trainer and Ballet Strength coach to dancers.

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