San Diego Personal Trainer Targets Trouble Zones!

Muffin top...literally

As a San Diego Personal Trainer I know the typical trouble zones that my female clients are looking to target when they sign-up for my one on one workout programs. We all know that there is no such thing as spot reduction, but there are ways to tighten up these trouble areas through proper strength training techniques, healthy eating, and performing cardiovascular activities on a regular basis.

Here are my solutions to the typical female trouble zones. Whether you decide to go it alone or work with your San Diego personal trainer, if you work hard you will see results.

Muffin Top- So you’re starting to notice a muffin top over those once loose fitting jeans. What can you do to make it go away? Try oblique abdominal crunches or side planks. I also have my San Diego personal training clients do a standing side crunch with three pound weights. If cardio is your thing, the rowing machine is the perfect cardio solution to toning up the muscles around that muffin top area.

Flatt Butt- Is your behind flat as a board? Have no fear. You can squat your way to a firm, bubbly behind in no time. There are many variations to the squat which will target different muscles of the glutes. If cardio is your thing, the stair climber will do wonders for the glutes as will the stair-mill. Get ready to turn heads in your favorite pair of designer jeans.

Jiggly Arms- Starting to notice loose skin and fat hanging from your upper arms? You are not alone. This is the number one complaint that I hear from my San Diego personal training clients prior to their first training session with me. You can battle the flab with some very simple arm exercises including tricep extensions, overhead press, front/ side raises, and even arm circles. A great cardiovascular exercise for the jiggly arm is surfing or tennis.

Saddle Bags- Saddle bags are another trouble area that I hear about often as sometimes uneducated San Diego personal trainers aren’t creative enough to come up with exercises to blast the outer thighs. Really, it is more than going to the gym and using the Abductor machine and going to town. I work with my San Diego Personal Training clients on simple pilates exercises that isolate the outer thigh and even give them a series of exercises that I call “Ballet Legs.” An advanced, yet effective cardio exercise for this area utilizes the treadmill. Instead of running straight forward, you would actually skip on the treadmill sideways. Don’t forget to hold on!

Your San Diego Personal Trainer should have the right solutions to your trouble zones. Remember, there is no quick fix for anything. With hard work and and a consistent strength training routine, healthy diet, and regular cardiovascular schedule you will be on the right track to minimizing those trouble spots. Don’t try to add all of these exercises to your workout all at once, but slowly introducing them to your routine will keep you injury free.

About Nikol Klein

Nikol Klein is former Professional Ballet Dancer turned Women's fitness expert. She currently works with Women all over the world as a personal trainer and Ballet Strength coach to dancers.

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