Nike Air Pegasus 28 Review

Okay, I will admit it. I am a bit of a Nike shoe whore…Every season I replace both my running shoes and training shoes with Nike’s latest and greatest (or in some cases not so great).

I had actually been using the same running shoes for about 9 months and was quite content with them, the Nike Vomero 5. Being an educated San Diego personal trainer I know that you should replace your shoes about every 6 months so unfortunately it was time to move on. Instead of going with the same shoe in the newer, updated version (Nike Vomero 6 just came out) I decided to switch up my running shoe.

Nike Air Pegasus 28

I ordered the Nike Air Pegasus 28 and in the loudest, brightest colors that they came in. (Apparently I chose Florida Gators colors without knowing…)When my order arrived I was excited to see that these shoes did in fact look exactly as they are pictured on the Nike website. (Sometimes a shoe will arrive and you wonder how and why it looks completely different on the website.) Upon trying them on for the first time I thought that maybe they were a bit too small. Like the Vomero’s my big toe pushed the front of the shoe. Only a trial run would decide whether these shoes were the perfect fit or if they would be a victim of Nike’s 30 day return policy.

To my surprise my big toe tapping the toe of the shoe did not hinder or make my run painful in any way! The leather (?) or fabric on the top, sides and front of the shoe is very supple and soft. My toe hits the top of the Vomero’s too, but a half-size bigger is too loose for my taste. (Being a ballet dancer, I like a shoe that forms to or is one with my foot.) On the contrary, if you like a shoe that fits your foot more compact, DO NOT go with the Nike Lunar Glide 2…this shoe will bruise your toenails because of the plastic toe cap and narrowness of the toe box.

During my 3 mile jog both uphill and downhill I might add, the Nike Air Pegasus 28  felt perfect. Since I have a tendency to slightly over-pronate I felt that this shoe gave me the stability that I needed while not over correcting my natural running movement pattern. All in all it turns out that I like these much better than the Vomero’s.

Give the Nike Air Pegasus 28  try, I highly recommend them whether you are going for a run on the street or the sand!


About Nikol Klein

Nikol Klein is former Professional Ballet Dancer turned Women's fitness expert. She currently works with Women all over the world as a personal trainer and Ballet Strength coach to dancers.

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  1. Just stumbled across this review in a google search. I guess my question/comment would be that most folks tend to word in a shoe type, take for instance, if you overpronate, you’d start with something like the Pegasus, than work up to AirMax Moto and finally the Vomeros. Because you jumped from the Vomeros down to the Pegasus, did you feel a drastic change on the cushioning? I am actually going the opposite way from the Pegasus into the Vomeros to see if my over-pronation has corrected itself somewhat. Nevertheless, this is probably the only helpful review I found for these two shoes, thanks.

    • Hi Steve,

      To be quite honest there isn’t too much of a difference between the Vomero and the Air Pegasus. The cushioning feels almost the same. Vomeros are just a bit wider in the toe box. It’s all about what you personally prefer. Try them all on!!

  2. Hi I have the air pegasus +27 and I love them. I just tried on the vomero +6 today and loved them as well. So you did not feel any difference when running? When I walked in the vomeros they felt a little more cushiony but I did not run in them. Another question is did you get the same size for the air pegasus +28 as you had for your vomeros? I read a review that the air pegasus +28 was a half size bigger than the +27. My air pegasus +27s are a size 7 and i tried on the 7 in the vomeros and they fit great so i was just wondering if there was a size difference in your vomeros and your new air pegasus +28s?

    • Hi Cassie,

      I actually think that the Air Pegasus +28 run a bit shorter than the Vomero’s. I wear a 6 in the Vomero’s and ordered a 6 in the Pegasus as well. Although I kept the 6’s in the Pegasus, I’m starting to regret that I didn’t exchange them for a 6 1/2 as my big toe rams the top of the shoe if my feet are swollen, etc. I hope this helps but unfortunately, I think shoes are like jeans…each individual pair fits differently.

  3. I’ve been looking for those exact shoes (UF colors) in a men’s shoe. What site did you order those from?

  4. Hi,

    I’m exited to buy the 27 or 28. Mainly because after a deep research, I found out that they have one of the better cushioning. And I need it to prevent knees and servical problems.

    Have you any clue about the difference between 27 and 28 ?
    It’s quite difficult to compare the two models, indeed.

    Thanks in advance,

  5. I don’t personally have experience with the Air Pegasus 27’s. I have only tried the 28.
    What are you using the shoes for? If you are trying to prevent knee and cervical issues down the road, I would talk to an applied kinesiologist who can recommend a shoe for you. Running shoes may not be the best route for you.

  6. I’m sorry it has taken me so long to get back !

    I’m a frequent runner, most for 6miles, paved ways, 3 times a week. For the last 30 years and… counting 🙂 Not for competitions. Do it because I love it and for health.

    Nowadays, I’m using a NB 1064 and a new Nike 27. I would say the Nike is far more cushion than NB indeed. Yes, I’m trying to prevent knee and cervical problems! I’m writing from Brasil and it’s quite difficult to me here to get good informations about the brands and models.(I’m used to go to Runners World, web site to dig a bit) Also to do some tests.

    That said, any clue or information is very welcomed.


    Best regards,

  7. I absolutely love the Air Pegs. I’ve been wearing them since they were single digits. i absolutely hate the 27. I completed the Chicago Marathon 10/10/10 in a pair of hot pink 26 and my feet felt great. Very little swelling. No black toe. Actually no injuries of any kind. And no knee pain. Sore muscles, yes, but nothing else. I am going to try the 28. I hope I like them.

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