Be Core Confident in a Crop!

In the Spring and Summer of 2011 I noticed that the hem of what were once extra long shirts was starting to rise and the cropped, midriff baring shirt was making a comeback. Now that Fall (and soon Winter) are upon us this trend is not going anywhere. Cropped sweaters and jackets here to stay so what about your abs? No one wants to bare a midriff that resembles that of a muffin top. Add a cropped shirt to those skinny jeans that you squeezed into and there is not much room for error. Here are a few exercises and tips on how you can shape your body to look phenomenal in a crop top.

Tip #1: Eat healthy to beat bloat. Not everyone knows it, but a flat tummy starts with a healthy diet. Stay away from excess sodium or neutralize it by drinking lots of water. Steer clear of salty foods, sugar and alcohol if you are choosing to wear a crop on a night where you want to look flawless.

Eat balanced, well portioned meals.

Tip #2: Shop true to size. While skinny jeans are meant to fit tight, this doesn’t mean they need to strangle your waistline. Choose a higher rise pant (but not high rise…eek!) or wear pants that are a bit more forgiving in the waist so that there is no room for a pooch to find it’s way out! No matter how thin you are, if your pants are too tight muffin top will creep out.

Classic example of the muffin top with a crop!

Tip # 3 Exercise. After healthy eating, exercising is the second best thing that you can do to avoid excess fat in the mid-section. Try to workout at least five days per week including cardiovascular exercises like running on three or four* of those days (*consistency is approximate). Core conditioning exercises will also help but understand that all of the crunches in the world will not replace healthy eating.

Try an ab twisting exercise like this one to target the obliques.

Tip #4 Layer. While layering can add bulk to an outfit, it can also create a slender illusion with a cropped shirt, if done correctly. Use your fashion smarts, browse photos online, or ask a sales person for help if you are unsure how to wear a crop.

Audrina Patridge always perfectly pulls off a crop.

So dare to bare a little midriff this Fall/Winter but don’t forget to wear a jacket!


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