Summer Bikini Backside Workout

Summer is here and it is time to kick your bikini body into full gear. Most Women feel super self-conscious about their bodies in the summer. If you want to improve your confidence wearing short shorts or a bathing suit, you will need to work your glutes extra hard in the summer. I ramp up my leg training days to three times per week for thirty to forty minute sessions.

Here is an example of my Bikini Backside routine (video following);
• Warm-up
• Passe Lunges on Bosu or Step 360 3×15 holding 12 pound weights
• Glute Bridges on ball 3×20 with 45 pounds
• Squats 3×6 at or above my body weight
• Single leg box squats 3×10 holding 12-15 pound weights
• Ballet Leg attitude lift 3×20 with 5 pound ankle weights
*this is MY routine, not my suggested routine

Check out my Bikini Backside Workout video to see just how each of these exercises is done.


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  1. I tried this workout and it is so hard! Loved it.

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