Olympic Athlete Workout

With the 2012 Olympic Games in full effect, we are all getting wowed by the amazing athleticism that is gracing our television screens daily. If you are not already involved in a structured workout routine, it is quite possible that watching these high caliber athletes compete is going to motivate you to get off the couch and take action. So how do you get started?

I am going to show you several different exercises that I have used with 2008 Medalists and 2012 Olympic hopefuls that you can try yourself. (Even from the comfort of your own home.) Give these exercises a try between commercial breaks while cheering on your favorite team or country!


1.) Plank – Trust me, all athletes are doing this exercise. The plank is a fairly simple exercise that most anyone can do. Try holding the position (pictured above) for 30 seconds to start. Olympic athletes will hold this position up to two minutes! Be careful not to let your back arch and hips sag or have the hips to high in the air. You want to aim for a straight line, although our curves can get in the way ūüėČ

Chest Press on a Ball

2.) Chest Press- Everyone wants flab free arms and pecs like the Olympic Swimmers and chest press will help you achieve this. Try this exercise on a balance ball (as pictured above) starting with 5-10 pound weights. Perform 3 sets of 10-15 repetitions of this exercise.

Hamstring Stretch

3.) Hamstring Stretch- Impressed by the Gymnast’s incredible flexibility? Try this basic hamstring stretch (pictured above). Don’t be frustrated if your leg doesn’t get very high. Consistency pays off with this exercise so don’t give up!

Tricep Push-Ups

4.) Tricep Push Ups- Want terrific triceps like the rowers? Try these tricep dips (pictured above) for 3 sets of 15-20 repetitions. Be careful not to put too much weight into your feet, keeping the focus on the elbows bending. Be careful with this exercise though…it is not meant for those with weak wrists.

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