Skulpt Aim Review

While I am a bit traditional when it comes to measuring body fat and quantifying fitness results, I was super excited when I was asked to test and review the new “Skulpt Aim” device. Skulpt uses leading edge technology to measure bodyfat and muscle quality. As a personal trainer I am always open to new products and ideas that take our profession to the next level.


While opening up the package, I was very impressed with the quality of the packaging – I almost felt as if I was opening up a new Apple product. Everything was carefully placed and displayed in the box. Inside the box you’ll find the Skulpt Aim device, a charging cradle, USB cable, travel bag, as well as a spray bottle. After a few hours of charging the device, I was ready to start measuring.

The instructions are pretty straight forward – once you sync the device to your phone via bluetooth, you can begin measuring. Simply spray the sensors on the back of the Skulpt Aim device and press on the muscle you want to measure. Very easy to use.


One great feature that I love is that there are how-to videos on measuring each body part correctly. Since I had a bit of trouble getting consistent readings at first, this was very helpful. Before using this on clients I wanted to make sure I had consistency. I felt that I was getting the most accurate readings from my abdominal region, while having some trouble with the biceps and triceps as I have a petite frame.

I was very surprised at how high my body fat and/or muscle quality was on certain parts of my body but I tried to disregard the actual number and tell myself that those are “areas that I need to work on more.” As someone who comes from a ballet background, I have some experience with body dysmorphia, so I knew the battle for me would be trying not to become obsessed over the number. (With that being said, I would not recommend this product to someone battling an eating disorder or body dysmorphia unless they are working with a professional.)

All in all this is a great product for those who are interested in the scientific side of fitness and are looking to quantify muscle quality.  It’s like the equivalent of a power meter for fitness!

In summary:
• Easy to use
• Fun
• Simplified instructions
• Comfortable design
• Ability to measure “muscle quality”

• Readings can be inconsistent (especially on petite arms)
• Could potentially become addictive for those with body dysmorphia, exercise disorders

I hope you all have a chance to use the Skulpt Aim device whether you are a personal trainer or fitness enthusiast. I am looking forward to using this device more and seeing the changes it helps me see in my fitness. For more information about Skulpt Aim visit their website at

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  1. Coach Alex Fergus

    Hey. Great review. I’ve been using an AIM for ~6 months now with pleasing results. I actually compared my recent reading with a DEXA scan to test it’s accuracy.

    You can see the results here

    I’m a PT/bodybuilder/gym addict, so I’ve put it to good use!

    I really like it. Its great for tracking my own and my clients progress without booking for a dexa scan. Plus not everyone likes having their body pinched with calipers. I compared it to a dexa and its pretty accurate. The muscle quality feature is also pretty cool.

    • That’s great! Glad to hear it worked for you! Being that I’m a pint sized ballerina (lol), the device was too big to accurately measure on areas like my arms. Looking forward to a slimmer design in the future.

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