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Valentine’s Day Sweetheart Workout

This month’s print and click workouts will get you looking your best for your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day! There are three separate workouts that I recommend spreading out throughout the week.

Workout #1 is for the core.

Valentines Day Ab Workout

Workout #2 is for the legs.

Valentine's Day Leg WorkoutWorkout #3 is for the full body!

valentine's day sweetheartHappy Valentine’s Day and enjoy your workouts! Join me on my Facebook page Nikol Klein Fitness for more daily workouts.

Ditch the Scale

After interviewing hundreds of personal training clients over the past few years, I have found one common concern amongst Women: the dreaded number on the scale. I have met Women who weigh themselves daily and even multiple times per day! The truth is that by doing this, they are sabotaging their fitness goals before they even hit the gym.

Your body is more than just a number, it is a look and a feeling. My mission as a Women’s fitness expert and San Diego Personal Trainer is to change my clients way of thinking that the scale ultimately controls their fitness level. The scale isn’t going to change the way you look. In fact, it may negatively haunt your body image for the rest of your life. We cut off friends and boyfriends when they make us feel this way, right? So why keep such an intimate relationship with the scale?

Let me show you a perfect example: Sorry to get graphic here, but you have to see this.

Would you rather weigh less and look like this? The Woman in the photo below may have a low number on the scale but is what I would consider “skinny fat.” Meaning that while her weight is low, her body fat percentage is high. This leads to just as many health risks as being obese! To top it all off, “skinny fat” victims are usually cardio freaks who do nothing but cardio, no weight training.

Or would you rather weigh a bit more and look like this photo below? Healthy glutes aren’t flabby. Firm glutes are a sign of a great strength training program. If we’re striving for attractiveness and optimal health, this is the ideal shape you should be shooting for. The best news is that you don’t have to bulk up to have a great backside. It’s just a matter of firming up what’s already there!



I don’t know about you, but I’ll take the appearance in picture #2 over the low weight and flab in picture #1 any day! So do yourself a favor and stop obsessing on the scale and stick to a consistent nutrition and workout plan.

Del Mar Personal Trainer Workout Routine

As a high demand personal trainer in the San Diego area I know just how important it is for me to stay in shape and practice what I preach. I see way too many out of shape personal trainers in this area and it pains me every time I see them training their clients at the beach or in a boot camp.

So how do I find the time to stay in such great shape despite working long hours? No, I don’t workout all day with my clients like you might think (this is what bad trainers do…a good trainer watches their clients and corrects). I do the exact same thing as my San Diego personal training clients – I make time for ME.

My workout schedule consists of five days of training per week with two days completely off. Here is an example of what my schedule looked like last week;

Pull-ups with the Cross Core 180

Monday: 4 mile beach run, ballet legs at home
Tuesday: 4 sets of Biceps, Triceps, Chest, & Shoulders, 3 sets of abs
Wednesday: DAY OFF
Thursday: 45 minute Glute Workout 3 sets of squats, dead lifts, plate ham curls, lunges, weighted hip bridges
Friday: 4 mile beach run
Saturday: DAY OFF
Sunday: 3 mile run, 4 set upper body circuit

Every week is different for me. Instead of doing upper body on Tuesday, for example, I did legs on Tuesday of this week and took Monday as one of my days off. I think that training should coincide with the way that your body is feeling that day. I’m not training for a body building show, I am training for a healthy lifestyle. As you can see I don’t do a whole lot of upper body and abdominal work. I am a true believer that your stomach reflects what you eat so I maintain a flat tummy by sticking to a clean nutrition program. As for upper body I am not a fan of the overly-muscular female upper body. I like the look of a waify, but slightly toned arm.

So there you have it, my personal workout routine. If you have an questions, please feel free to comment below or send me an email!

Reebok Easy Tone Experiment- Day #1

My New Kicks

I am finally going to share with you my experiences with the Reebok Easy Tone shoe. As a San Diego Personal Trainer, I have been waiting almost 2 months to start a Reebok Easy Tone experiment! Today I was fortunate enough to actually find a pair of these sneakers in my size at a local San Diego Foot Locker. These shoes are close to impossible to find in stores and online (unless of course you wear a size 10 shoe). Are you ready to find out what all of the hype is about? I am.

I am going to take you on my day to day journey, as a San Diego Personal Trainer, to test out how well the Reebok Easy Tone shoes work. All of the reports´╗┐ or commercials on TV talk about simply wearing the shoes walking. I want to see what they can do for my daily activity level and hopefully be able to recommend them to my Personal Training clients in the end. And let me just tell you…I’m on my feet all day.

I’ve been wearing my Easy Tone’s since I bought them and plan on wearing them all day. The shoes feel great. They are very cushioned…almost too cushioned for my taste. I expected a more torturous feeling, but they are surprisingly comfortable. Their weight is a bit on the heavy side so running will be a lot of fun.

I am getting ready to work with an evening full of personal training clients, so we’ll see how it goes! Check back in tomorrow to see what happens.

Choosing a Female San Diego Personal Trainer

As a San Diego Personal Trainer, I specialize in working with Female clients. Whether I am doing in-home personal training or training them here at my Del Mar home gym, I find that Women typically see better personal training results with female trainers.

A female Personal Trainer can help you reach your goals!

There are more Women interested in losing weight and getting fit than there are men, so why are there so few female trainers out there? First off, before I answer this question for you, I want to say that I am in no way sexist. I am just making an observation after my 8 year career as a trusted and successful Personal Trainer. In any case, here is my idea: If you are a guy and you’re a Personal Trainer it’s kind of like a status thing. A lot Male trainers are usually the guys who had the ego problems in high school or were on the Football team. This isn’t the case for all of them…there are some truly wonderful male trainers out there. (think bob from Biggest Loser) But I see this a lot in San Diego and hear about meat-head trainers from a lot of my female clients who now refuse to sign over checks to them.

Women on the other hand usually become Personal Trainers because of a huge change that they made at some point in their lives. Since strength training isn’t necessarily seen as a part of life for Women growing up, female trainers like to promote this to other Women to show them the benefits. Men on the other hand, are taught “weight lifting” from age 12 as it is now introduced in gym class.

Here are the reasons why I feel that Women should train with Female personal trainers.

Not every San Diego personal trainer is created equal– When it comes to choosing a personal trainer, you will find that the market is over-saturated with male trainers advertising their services by the size of their muscles. Women typically are looking to lean out their muscles, so why would they choose to train with someone who is advertising a bulky product?

Women know Women– Sure you have to study anatomy to become certified, but there are certain things that you just have to experience in life in order to grasp a true understanding. Take female hormones and menstruation for example. Need I say more? A male trainer will likely have no idea what it feels like to hit the gym hard during “that time of the month,” thus he probably will not know how to adjust your workout program accordingly.

Knock, knock– If your San Diego Personal Trainer does in-home training, how comfortable do you feel having a man that you barely know come to your house to give you a one on one personal training session? Even more, how does your spouse feel about that?

Choose a specialist– If you are looking for real results, you are best off choosing a trainer who specializes in weight loss for women. This trainer should be able to get your body to the desired look you are going for. More than likely this will be a female trainer.

I hope that you are able to better understand how a female San Diego personal trainer will have a better understanding of female clients, thus get them the desired fitness results they are looking for. Now go out and find one!

Del Mar Personal Trainer Nikol Klein, specializes in Personal Training for Women. She conducts in-home Personal Training, Weight Loss and Nutrition programs in addition to Boot Camps. She is also an accomplished Professional Ballet Dancer.

Bikini Worthy Legs

It’s that time again…Summer! Most families take a much needed vacation to the beach, but that doesn’t mean you have to take a vacation from your workout routine! You don’t want to sabotage all of the progress you have made, gain pounds back or lose muscle all in a weeks vacation.

I am going to show you a few exercises that target the legs. Turn heads this summer by performing 3 sets of each exercise. Your legs will be bikini worthy in just a few weeks!

Quick tip:  Try an early morning jog or intervals. You can even throw in some lunges or squats in between jogging intervals!

Exercise One: Hip Bridges

Plank photos 095

Laying on a mat or towel, feet on the ground, knees bent, gently peel your hips off the ground as pictured. Return back down to the starting position. Make sure that you are lifting your hips so that there is a straight line running all the way from your knee to your shoulder as pictured above. Repeat 20 times.

Exercise Two: Single Leg Hip Bridge

Plank photos 097

Start lying down on a mat or towel with your Right leg bent, foot on the ground and your left leg at a 45 degree angle in the air. Bridge hips up and down. Repeat 20 times. Switch legs.

Advanced Bonus: To really give your tush a boost, try this exercise with your weight on the supporting heel rather than a flat foot!

Exercise Three: Simple Squat

Copyright Aaron Riveroll Photography

Copyright Aaron Riveroll Photography

Start standing with your legs slightly wider than hip width apart. Toes parallel. Holding a 5 pound ball or free weight. Bend the knees or squat while simultaneously lifting the ball or free weight to shoulder level. Return to starting position! Repeat 20 times.

Advanced Bonus: Try this move with your feet “duck” or turned-out!

Try these exercises at least 3 times a week, 3 sets of 20 in addition to your regular cardiovascular and strength training routine.

See you at the beach!

Nikol Klein, ISSA CPT, SPN

For more information on how you can get Bikini Legs, visit Nikol’s website, or call (858) 598-5157 to schedule your FREE consultation!