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Reaching Your Goals – In Fitness & in Life

I was doing some thinking this morning while watching the Olympics – I realized that what you are trying to accomplish with your fitness goals is no different than what an athlete works towards. In order for each to be successful it takes the right mindset and lots of preparation.

As a former dancer, I sometimes forget that not everyone knows what it feels like to be “all in.” To eat, sleep, breathe for a goal. To go after something letting go of all preconceived notions, defeat, hurt and FEAR. Yes, that awful word “fear” is the only thing that keeps us from reaching our goals. Why does the figure skater fall? Because for that one split second before takeoff, she doubted herself and tensed up with fear. Why do we not reach our fitness/weight loss goals? Because for that one split second before we decide what to order at a restaurant or before we are supposed to do cardio, we doubt ourselves, our progress, and our abilities. We slip into patterns, bad habits. He/she who succeeds is the one who is able to break the pattern, break the bad habits.

I have watched both athletes and clients alike hold back because of fear of success rather than welcoming it with open arms. I have had clients quit just when they have started to make a break through. I have watched athletes change their own plans that they had worked on for years. What goes on inside your head is the only thing that can change this. No one trainer, coach, diet, book, or therapist can do this for you – it’s all YOU. Whether you are striving for a gold medal, to lose 100 lbs or 10 lbs.

How do we let go of fear? One word comes to mind – TRUST. #1 is trusting yourself and your amazing abilities as a human being. #2 is trusting and confiding in your advisors, family, trainers, coaches, etc. #3 is communicating to those whom you trust with your goals and how they can help you achieve them.

If it were easy everyone would have a gold medal – and everyone would be in shape. I have news for you: It’s NOT easy!

The moral here: If it is something that you truly want, it is a goal – anything else is just a wish. Life is short so if you have a goal what are you waiting for? Is fear keeping you from going “all in?” For once in your life put 100% into yourself – I promise you will not fail.


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Beat Workout Burnout

Starting to feel burned out with your current workout routine? Having trouble dragging yourself to the gym? Frequently canceling personal training sessions with your trainer? Here are 10 ways to beat workout burnout.

1.) Download a new mix of songs for your iPod. Changing up your tunes will give your workout a surge of motivation.

2.) Switch up your cardio routine. Since Spring is here try taking your cardio workout outdoors. You will feel revitalized and you will get to breathe some clean air as well.

Focus to beat workout burnout

3.) Reward yourself. You have been diligently sticking with your fitness routine and it is time to give yourself a reward for all of the hard work.

4.) Hire help. If you are not already working with a personal trainer your workout will soar to new heights if you give a trainer a try.

5.) Take a break. Sometimes the best thing to beat workout burnout is to take a few days off. Start back when you are feeling clear headed.

6.) Invite a friend to workout with you. Go for a hike or a bike ride with a friend and you will find that the conversation makes the time pass quickly.

7.) Write it down. Keep track of your fitness goals, nutrition, and workouts. You will be less likely to go o

ff track if you keep a workout journal.

8.) Look at yourself…naked! Checking yourself out in the mirror after a shower can give you the added motivation you need to stay motivated to reach your goals.

9.) Sign-up for a 5k. Giving yourself something to work towards. Start small and work your way up.

10.) Show off your body. Dare to wear a skirt, shorts, or a bikini. You’ve worked hard.


Try these tips the next time you are in a rut!

New Years Fitness Resolutions

Head out for a run with friends to stay on track.

Every year, Millions of people dash to the gym on January 2 in hopes of making a fresh start and fulfilling a New Years fitness goal.  The truth is that most of these people will fail at their resolutions, giving up after only a month.  Change is never easy, but with simple goal planning, you’ll have no more room for excuses.  Change starts with your commitment to yourself!

Here are a few tips to help you keep moving forward;

1.)  Choose an attainable goal. Start with something realistic.  For example; starting a consistent gym routine 3 days a week, or lose 5 pounds by the end of the month.  Let’s face it, we can’t all attain the body of a female model, so there is no reason to create that kind of goal for ourselves.
Start simple.

2.) Write your ideas down. Yes, keep a journal.  Write out your goals, and make sure that you note your progress.  When you take time to really write out what you want, the more it will solidify in your mind.  Also keep a training journal to record what you do in the gym each and every time you are there.  Or use one of the workout cards that we offer here at Fit For Her.

3.) Get a training buddy. Do you know someone else who is in a fitness rut?  Give them a call!  Working out with a partner can be a very productive, motivating way to reach your goals.  Plus, you are more accountable on those days that you might not feel like going to the gym.

4.) Hire a Professional. If you feel that you have done everything you can on your own, and still aren’t seeing results, consult a personal trainer or dietitian.  Sometimes just doing the things that we know or have worked on in the past are not enough.  A personal trainer or dietitian may have new ideas and tips that could make a life-changing difference to get you out of your slump.

5.) Never give up. Stay positive.  It may take some time to attain your goal, and there will be a few bumps in the road.   Change takes patience.  No results are immediate.  It will take 6-12 weeks to start seeing results.

5.) Join a Boot Camp. A group setting can be very motivating and fun! Try out your local Boot Camp. Most Boot Camps offer free sessions to first time clients.

This year, break the mold by following through with your New Year fitness resolutions! With a little motivation, you can achieve anything.

Committed to Your Health,

Nikol Klein, Certified Personal Trainer / Nutritionist