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Reaching Your Goals – In Fitness & in Life

I was doing some thinking this morning while watching the Olympics – I realized that what you are trying to accomplish with your fitness goals is no different than what an athlete works towards. In order for each to be successful it takes the right mindset and lots of preparation.

As a former dancer, I sometimes forget that not everyone knows what it feels like to be “all in.” To eat, sleep, breathe for a goal. To go after something letting go of all preconceived notions, defeat, hurt and FEAR. Yes, that awful word “fear” is the only thing that keeps us from reaching our goals. Why does the figure skater fall? Because for that one split second before takeoff, she doubted herself and tensed up with fear. Why do we not reach our fitness/weight loss goals? Because for that one split second before we decide what to order at a restaurant or before we are supposed to do cardio, we doubt ourselves, our progress, and our abilities. We slip into patterns, bad habits. He/she who succeeds is the one who is able to break the pattern, break the bad habits.

I have watched both athletes and clients alike hold back because of fear of success rather than welcoming it with open arms. I have had clients quit just when they have started to make a break through. I have watched athletes change their own plans that they had worked on for years. What goes on inside your head is the only thing that can change this. No one trainer, coach, diet, book, or therapist can do this for you – it’s all YOU. Whether you are striving for a gold medal, to lose 100 lbs or 10 lbs.

How do we let go of fear? One word comes to mind – TRUST. #1 is trusting yourself and your amazing abilities as a human being. #2 is trusting and confiding in your advisors, family, trainers, coaches, etc. #3 is communicating to those whom you trust with your goals and how they can help you achieve them.

If it were easy everyone would have a gold medal – and everyone would be in shape. I have news for you: It’s NOT easy!

The moral here: If it is something that you truly want, it is a goal – anything else is just a wish. Life is short so if you have a goal what are you waiting for? Is fear keeping you from going “all in?” For once in your life put 100% into yourself – I promise you will not fail.


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Nike Fuel Band Review

After months of waiting, I was finally able to get my hands on the new Nike + Fuel Band. Nike had been teasing me with emails since January about this new device so I was anxious to try it out. Working with personal training clients on and off all day long made this seem like the perfect exercise tracker for me and my active lifestyle. I have always wondered just how much energy I am expending throughout the day.

The packaging made me feel like I was about to open a new Apple product. Could this product really live up to its expectations?

After charging, downloading and resizing my Nike Fuel Band, I was ready to see what this device was all about. Contrary to what I had originally believed, the Nike Fuel Band is not a heart rate monitor. It does however track steps, calories, and “fuel” which is really what this device is all about. While I do not feel that the Nike website does a great job of explaining exactly what this device does, I do feel that it will be a great tool for those who are trying to manage their weight and/or track their daily activity levels.

The main positive thing about the Nike Fuel Band concept is that it helps you and encourages you to reach your goals. You can set your daily goals and track them along the way.

Having the wrist circumference of a 10 year old girl, I was very pleased to see that the size of the Nike Fuel Band is adjustable. Just like a watch, it has links to either expand or take out.

So how do you use it? You simply charge it via USB and wear it. It will track your movement all day long. There is also a great option to sync it with your iPhone. Your iPhone will download your activity level and track it though your phone’s bluetooth.

How do I like it? I think this is a great accessory but to be honest, I could probably live without it. Did it tell me anything I didn’t already know? Not really, although it is nice to see how many calories it predicts that I burn each day.

Favorite thing about the Nike Fuel Band: Adjust-ability, calorie tracking, and the flashing LED lights when you reach your goal.

Least favorite thing about the Nike Fuel Band: That it doesn’t work as a heart rate monitor. (but again, it never claimed to)

Price: $149.00

Nipping Fat in the “Butt”

About 8 weeks ago I set a fitness goal and stuck with it – As a professional dancer I never had to worry about my body or losing weight and after having a few years off from the 8 hour dance day grind I started noticing a few changes in my body. Although I had been working out daily with my clients, I hadn’t been doing much specifically for my body. And I was eating properly but not super clean. My once hard, firm thighs were starting to get a bit soft and my glutes were beginning to develop the dreaded dimples that most Women live their whole lives with. I’m not complaining about my body by any means (5’4,” 110 lbs is less than what my dancing weight was proving that muscle weighs more than fat) but the vision that I have of myself is different from this and I was ready to nip it in the “butt.”

My Facebook post at the start of July

I embarked upon a “4 weeks to fierce” program to get firm and flab free by my Birthday, July 13th. I printed out a cute calendar that I use for my clients cardio schedules to write on every day for inspiration. I have to say that I find Facebook and Twitter to be super motivating and encouraging for those with weight loss goals so don’t be afraid to post your workouts there. I also downloaded an app on my iPhone called My Fitness Pal where you can log your meals and exercise. You can even invite and add friends for encouragement!

Moving forward, with some consistency and sticking to my plan I was starting to see results! I was eating clean and loving it and finding time to do my own personalized workouts between clients. After a few weeks it had started to become a habit. I didn’t want to eat bad, it felt good to push myself in workouts and I felt like I was in control of my body again. I started making more time for ME.

B-Day was a hit!

Five weeks in and I was still going strong. My Birthday party was a success and I felt confident again in the way my legs and tummy looked. I even rewarded myself with some amazing Birthday cake. I had my drink sponsor, Sinless Cocktails, send me 2 gallons of their 5 calorie Margarita mix for a tasting party too!

My Birthday has long passed and I am still sticking with the program. I am now 8 weeks in and there is no turning back. I love the way my body looks and feels. Through this journey I have even created new exercises to target those stubborn areas of the legs, stomach and glutes that my San Diego personal training clients are now reaping the benefits of. I am looking forward to seeing the changes that these new exercises make for my clients as well as for myself. I think that as a personal trainer it is important to keep creating…when you stop creating you lose your audience.

Today's bikini body!

I wrote this story as a bit of inspiration for all of you. Everyone is less than happy with some part of their body. I don’t think that anyone ever feels “perfect.” Whether you are 160 pounds or 100 pounds focus and goal setting is the key to your success on your fitness journey. Don’t lie about your bad eating or lack of exercise. Your trainer knows when you are lying but the worst is when you lie to yourself. It’s not healthy to lie to yourself.

So set goals! Write them down. Post them on your refrigerator so that you see them every time you reach for the ice cream. I wouldn’t encourage you to do this if it didn’t truly work…

Workout Consistency

I get questions about workout consistency all the time. Potential clients often ask; How many days a week should I train? How much cardio do I need to be doing? How many days per week do I need to be doing something active?

The answers to these questions, while they may differ for some, are generally the same for everyone. Ideally, you should be working out with your trainer 3 days per week. Two times a week is the absolute minimum you need to see any kind of results. I tell my clients: The bigger the weight loss or fitness goal, the more often you should be training with me.

Abe shoot 024

Don't have a gym? Workout outside!

Let’s face it, no trainer can perform miracles. The real miracle is the transformation that the client is able to make within themselves. The more often you train, the easier it is to transform you body and most importantly your way of thinking.

On the days that you are not working with your trainer, you should be doing something active for at least 30 minutes a day. This can be anything from a brisk walk to a jog at the beach. You could also try taking a class at your local gym or save money by working out on your own on your days off from your trainer.

I suggest doing something active 6 days per week.  If you are not doing the work on your own, you are wasting your money on a trainer (unless you can afford a trainer4 or 5 days per week like some of my clients.)

Do yourself a favor…don’t cancel sessions with your trainer. The more you cancel, the easier it is to fall off the wagon. If your trainer is periodizing your workout plan, canceling sessions can really mess up the current training cycle you are on. If you are canceling frequently, your fitness goals are not going to improve and each session is going to be like the first training session all over again. Remember how hard the first session felt?

So the point of this blog? Weight Loss is a lot of work. It takes 100% dedication and heart. If you only put in 50% or show up to every other training session, you are doing yourself and your trainer a huge disservice.

Stay positive. Keep motivated. Ask Questions.

Losing Our Preferences

Sometimes embarking upon a new Health or Fitness venture requires losing your preferences. I am finding this more and more as I learn about different types of clients particularly the clients who succeed in meeting their weight loss goals. It all comes down to goals, choices, and losing your preferences.

The clients who are getting results are the ones who are making sacrifices. My Saturday and Sunday morning clients are a wonderful example. Sure, maybe they would love to sleep in on a Saturday morning, (hey, I would too) but instead they are training with me early so that they can have the rest of the day to spend with their families without compromising their weight loss routine.  This is real dedication and an example of a client who chose to lose their preferences to meet their goals.

Look, I’m not saying eat something your allergic to or stop spending time at the beach. I’m saying that you have to give up your bad habits in order to embrace a new, healthier one!  It takes a lot more than exercise in order to truly change your physical appearance and lose weight. Your weight loss success depends on your ability to change. If you know it all then why did you hire a Personal Trainer or Nutritionist?

Another example is a client who is given a Diet and Meal Plan but fails to use it because her husband refuses to eat healthy. This client will never lose weight because her support system is not in place. If her husband isn’t willing to try making changes to his diet to support his wife, chances are, his wife won’t either. In this case, the client chooses to continue eating the way she always did and submits to the unhealthy ways of her husband. Do you think this client will succeed?

So try something new! You never know, you just might like it, and if it’s something that will make you live a longer, healthier life it just might be worth it too.

It all goes back to goal setting.

Improve Your Energy!

Does your battery feel like it needs to be recharged? Here are 5 quick and easy ways to boost your energy so that you can feel great day after day!

1. Workout- You should be active at least 30 minutes every day, whether you are going for a walk, working out with your trainer, or going to the gym. You may feel lethargic and reluctant to start exercising, but once you have finished you will feel refreshed and energized.

2. Eat the Right Foods- Ther are many energy robbing foods that you need to avoid when you’re feeling a bit lethargic. These foods include sugar, caffeine, and carbs. You also want to make sure that you are drinking enough water throught the day. Feeling lazy mid-afternoon? A glass of water will actually do you a lot more good than that cup of coffee.

3. Stretch- Tight muscles in the morning sometimes only make you want to go back to sleep. A good way to prevent this stiffness is to stretch before bed and to take a calcium/magnesium supplement if you are anticipating some pain in the morning. If you can’t remember to stretch before bed, place a tera-band on your night stand or write yourself a reminder!

4. Power Nap- Ever heard the old saying, 20 minutes is like 2 hours? Well it’s true. Take a 20 minute nap and you will wake up refreshed. Sleep any longer than 20 minutes and you may wake up groggy.

5. Pump up your Iron- Low energy for active Women can sometimes be a sign of low Iron. This can be especially noticeable around that favorite time of the month. Red meat, spinach, seafood, and dark green vegetables are wonderful ways to maximize your iron absorption.

For more information on how you can improve your energy through Fitness visit

-Nikol Klein