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My New Favorite Protein Shaker

Looking for a quick protein shake solution? When it comes to consuming protein shakes day after day lets face it, sometimes you just don’t have time to get out the blender. While I was at a supplement store with one of my San Diego personal training clients, I found the most genius shaker bottle invention ever.

It’s called the Blender Bottle. This bottle has a wire whisk to blend your ingredients smooth. If you’ve ever tried to mix protein powder in water, you know how impossible it is to get rid of the lumps. This bottle does it all for you.

You can find these at your local vitamin store.

Committed to Your Health,

Nikol Klein, San Diego’s Most Trusted Women’s Fitness Expert

Weight Loss De-railers

I would like to address a common issue that I often discuss with my San Diego personal training clients. Every so often I will have someone ask, “I have been training with you for __ long. How come I still can’t lose any weight?” The answer to this question and others related to it are really quite simple…but at the same time hard to grasp for the discouraged client.

The following are some of the major issues that you are not losing weight;

1.) Poor nutritional habits- Chances are, at the time of your personal training consultation, your San Diego personl trainer offered you nutritional advice. In most cases, this is an add-on service that has a separate monthly cost. A simple nutrition plan, kitchen clean-up (when I go to your home and raid your cupboards and fridge), “Sunday pre-planning,” and 100% commitment is all you need to straighten out your diet.

TIP: If you think that personal training alone will get you to lose those extra pounds, you are wrong. In fact, purchasing nutritional services along with your personal training package, while it may seem pricey, will actually save you money in the long run.

2.) Weekend Splurging- Just because you spent 3 hours with your trainer during the week doesn’t give you the right to go out and blow all of your hard work on a weekend splurge. Weekend splurges include but are not limited to; eating out, partying, binge drinking, binge eating, not exercising, not getting essential rest. This is why it is best to eliminate alcohol from your diet altogether.

3.) Week-Day Splurging- See “weekend splurging.”

4.) Trust- You should believe in your trainer 100%. This means getting information from other trainers, websites, or programs should be out of the question. It takes dedication to one program to get you results. How will you know what method works for your body if you do a la carte training? Worse yet, this sabotages the results that your personal trainer has periodized for you!

Tip- If you have questions, ask your trainer…afterall, that’s what you are paying them for!

5.) You’re Toning Up- I know you’ve heard it before but muscle weighs more than fat. So the more you tone up and gain strength in your muscles, the less fat you have!

Alert- This may cause a slight weight increase…but it’s not a bad thing! Stay on the right path and you will eventually lose weight!

6.) Laziness- You should be exercising at least 5-7 hours per week. This means that if you can only afford to work with your San Diego personal trainer for 90 minutes per week, you need to supplement the remaining hours with cardio! You need to exercise every day.

7.) Genetics- I know you are tired of hearing this one, but genetics play a huge part in your ability to lose weight. A twenty year old and forty year old for example will lose weight, gain strength, etc. at a completely different rate and through different techniques. Your San Diego personal trainer should be able to design a program based on your individual genetic qualities!

I hope that I have been able to clear up some of your questions about weight loss and ease some of your fustrations. Voice your concerns with your personal trainer and you will feel much better about continuing your weight loss journey together!

San Diego Personal Trainer Being Plagiarized

As a Personal Trainer here in San Diego, I realize the hard work that it takes to build up your own personal brand, establish a method of training, and get clients to commit. I take pride in the fact that I have done all of these things and much more in less than one and a half years time. I am so blessed to have a full schedule of clientele who all believe in me and my unique methods of training. I continue to move forward, challenging both myself and my clients, to create the most current and cutting edge personal training techniques.

While my excellence as a trainer and ideas cannot be duplicated, they have been replicated.  Yes, someone here locally in San Diego is plagiarizing the unique material that I have worked so hard to create on my website. While some would be flattered, I am offended.

Being that I am very passionate about my work and have built my business from the ground up, I am extremely offended that someone would commit such a crime with my copyrighted work. I am an author. I am a creator. I am an educator. I am a mentor. No one can take this from me, but they can try. I think that being a performing artist makes this even more emotional for me. It reminds me of someone stealing choreography (happens all the time in the dance world). I used to wonder why choreographers were so uptight about who was permitted to perform their work. Now I understand.

Personal trainers are defined by their creativity. This fraudulent trainer obviously doesn’t have the creativity to write her own words, and for that I am truly amazed.

Moreover, this individual does not deserve the credit or clientele that she has received by using my words. This is why I will not mention who this individual is or leave a link to their website. Nor does this person deserve the hits to their lack-luster website. How embarrassing would it be for this trainers clients to find out that the content on their website was actually “personal trainer Nikol Klein’s” material! (too bad my schedule is full…)

I urge you all reading this to be individuals. There are no shortcuts in life. Do not take credit for the work of others. Create your own voice in this world…don’t try to steal mine…and please, write your own damn material for crying out loud. If you can’t do that, then find a new profession. You may find that the karma you have coming isn’t worth the “apple” “c” you pressed on your keyboard.

Best in Health,

Nikol Klein

San Diego’s Most Trusted Personal Trainer for Women

Reebok Easy Tone Testing at IHRSA

It has been a very busy week, but don’t worry, I did it all with the Reebok Easy Tone shoes. I have definitely put some more miles on them. Here’s how the week went…

The most memorable part of my week was the IHRSA Fitness convention here in San Diego. I was hired by Marpo Kinetics to be a spokesmodel and to promote their rope training strength/cardio machines. Of course I saw this as the perfect opportunity to try out an experiment of my own. I knew that everyone who was everyone in the fitness industry would be at the IHRSA convention. I had to look my best.

At the Marpo Kinetics booth at IHRSA

My white and blue Easy Tones didn’t match my red and black convention uniform, but I was determined not to let it put a damper on my testing. For 5 hours on both Thursday and Friday I would need to be on my feet the entire time doing product demonstrations. The unique equipment that I was promoting primarily focused on using the upper body. My test was to see how my lower body would feel after day #1 of the convention.

Rope Training is a fun and effective way to get a cardio and strength workout in one!

I woke up on Friday morning sore…but not where I expected to be sore. I thought that my upper body would be sore from the rope climbing demonstrations. I was wrong. My legs were actually a bit more sore just from standing in the Easy Tones! Needless to say, Friday was a bit more difficult in the Reebok Easy Tones but I made it through comfortably.

I proudly showcased my Easytones even on Friday by wearing shorts. Afterall, since Reebok has acknowledged my efforts to create even more awareness of this product, I didn’t want to let them down! By the way, I saw hundreds of Women at the convention this week. None of which were wearing Reebok Easy Tones.

Sporting the Easy Tones with shorts at IHRSA.

So the result of wearing the Reebok Easy Tone shoes during IHRSA: Reebok Easy Tones are effective even while just standing in them for long periods of time! Oh, and the best thing about it…my feet never hurt! Hey, I even got a few compliments on them.

Check back tomorrow for my La Jolla Boot Camp blog. Yes…wearing the Easy Tones.

Reebok Easy Tone Testing Days #5 & 6

Okay...where can I get this shirt?

The past few days have been quite rainy in San Diego, so I haven’t had a chance to do much testing with the Reebok Easy Tone shoes. My plan was to wear them to my La Jolla Boot Camp on Sunday, however it was rained out!

My plan is to continue with the testing this week, shoot a few more videos, and give them a Boot Camp workout! Stay tuned for more.

I will also be wearing these shoes to the IHRSA San Diego fitness convention on Thursday and Friday…come see me as the Spokes-model for Marpo Kintetics! Can’t wait to take some fun videos.

San Diego Personal Trainer Targets Trouble Zones!

Muffin top...literally

As a San Diego Personal Trainer I know the typical trouble zones that my female clients are looking to target when they sign-up for my one on one workout programs. We all know that there is no such thing as spot reduction, but there are ways to tighten up these trouble areas through proper strength training techniques, healthy eating, and performing cardiovascular activities on a regular basis.

Here are my solutions to the typical female trouble zones. Whether you decide to go it alone or work with your San Diego personal trainer, if you work hard you will see results.

Muffin Top- So you’re starting to notice a muffin top over those once loose fitting jeans. What can you do to make it go away? Try oblique abdominal crunches or side planks. I also have my San Diego personal training clients do a standing side crunch with three pound weights. If cardio is your thing, the rowing machine is the perfect cardio solution to toning up the muscles around that muffin top area.

Flatt Butt- Is your behind flat as a board? Have no fear. You can squat your way to a firm, bubbly behind in no time. There are many variations to the squat which will target different muscles of the glutes. If cardio is your thing, the stair climber will do wonders for the glutes as will the stair-mill. Get ready to turn heads in your favorite pair of designer jeans.

Jiggly Arms- Starting to notice loose skin and fat hanging from your upper arms? You are not alone. This is the number one complaint that I hear from my San Diego personal training clients prior to their first training session with me. You can battle the flab with some very simple arm exercises including tricep extensions, overhead press, front/ side raises, and even arm circles. A great cardiovascular exercise for the jiggly arm is surfing or tennis.

Saddle Bags- Saddle bags are another trouble area that I hear about often as sometimes uneducated San Diego personal trainers aren’t creative enough to come up with exercises to blast the outer thighs. Really, it is more than going to the gym and using the Abductor machine and going to town. I work with my San Diego Personal Training clients on simple pilates exercises that isolate the outer thigh and even give them a series of exercises that I call “Ballet Legs.” An advanced, yet effective cardio exercise for this area utilizes the treadmill. Instead of running straight forward, you would actually skip on the treadmill sideways. Don’t forget to hold on!

Your San Diego Personal Trainer should have the right solutions to your trouble zones. Remember, there is no quick fix for anything. With hard work and and a consistent strength training routine, healthy diet, and regular cardiovascular schedule you will be on the right track to minimizing those trouble spots. Don’t try to add all of these exercises to your workout all at once, but slowly introducing them to your routine will keep you injury free.

Choosing a Female San Diego Personal Trainer

As a San Diego Personal Trainer, I specialize in working with Female clients. Whether I am doing in-home personal training or training them here at my Del Mar home gym, I find that Women typically see better personal training results with female trainers.

A female Personal Trainer can help you reach your goals!

There are more Women interested in losing weight and getting fit than there are men, so why are there so few female trainers out there? First off, before I answer this question for you, I want to say that I am in no way sexist. I am just making an observation after my 8 year career as a trusted and successful Personal Trainer. In any case, here is my idea: If you are a guy and you’re a Personal Trainer it’s kind of like a status thing. A lot Male trainers are usually the guys who had the ego problems in high school or were on the Football team. This isn’t the case for all of them…there are some truly wonderful male trainers out there. (think bob from Biggest Loser) But I see this a lot in San Diego and hear about meat-head trainers from a lot of my female clients who now refuse to sign over checks to them.

Women on the other hand usually become Personal Trainers because of a huge change that they made at some point in their lives. Since strength training isn’t necessarily seen as a part of life for Women growing up, female trainers like to promote this to other Women to show them the benefits. Men on the other hand, are taught “weight lifting” from age 12 as it is now introduced in gym class.

Here are the reasons why I feel that Women should train with Female personal trainers.

Not every San Diego personal trainer is created equal– When it comes to choosing a personal trainer, you will find that the market is over-saturated with male trainers advertising their services by the size of their muscles. Women typically are looking to lean out their muscles, so why would they choose to train with someone who is advertising a bulky product?

Women know Women– Sure you have to study anatomy to become certified, but there are certain things that you just have to experience in life in order to grasp a true understanding. Take female hormones and menstruation for example. Need I say more? A male trainer will likely have no idea what it feels like to hit the gym hard during “that time of the month,” thus he probably will not know how to adjust your workout program accordingly.

Knock, knock– If your San Diego Personal Trainer does in-home training, how comfortable do you feel having a man that you barely know come to your house to give you a one on one personal training session? Even more, how does your spouse feel about that?

Choose a specialist– If you are looking for real results, you are best off choosing a trainer who specializes in weight loss for women. This trainer should be able to get your body to the desired look you are going for. More than likely this will be a female trainer.

I hope that you are able to better understand how a female San Diego personal trainer will have a better understanding of female clients, thus get them the desired fitness results they are looking for. Now go out and find one!

Del Mar Personal Trainer Nikol Klein, specializes in Personal Training for Women. She conducts in-home Personal Training, Weight Loss and Nutrition programs in addition to Boot Camps. She is also an accomplished Professional Ballet Dancer.

San Diego Personal Trainer- Get Terrific Triceps

Here is a simple exercise to help you on your way to getting terrific Triceps! It uses light weight with high repetition to give you that slender yet toned Tricep that you are looking for. I hope you enjoy the burn!

Tricep Pee Wee’s

For this exercise use very light weight 2-3 pounds for beginners, 5 pounds for advanced.

Start with knees bent, slightly bent forward with an arched back to protect the spine. Holding the weight, start with your elbows up and bent as pictured below.

Now extend the arms so that the elbows are now straight as pictured below. Repeat for 15-20 repetitions, 2-3 times.

Remember, this exercise alone will not get you the full results you are looking for, but it will work in addition to a structured fitness program. For more exercises like this that build lean, toned muscles and not bulk, contact San Diego Personal Trainer Nikol Klein or find more exercises here.

Committed to Your Health,

Nikol Klein, Certified Personal Trainer/ Nutritionist

New Years Fitness Resolutions

Head out for a run with friends to stay on track.

Every year, Millions of people dash to the gym on January 2 in hopes of making a fresh start and fulfilling a New Years fitness goal.  The truth is that most of these people will fail at their resolutions, giving up after only a month.  Change is never easy, but with simple goal planning, you’ll have no more room for excuses.  Change starts with your commitment to yourself!

Here are a few tips to help you keep moving forward;

1.)  Choose an attainable goal. Start with something realistic.  For example; starting a consistent gym routine 3 days a week, or lose 5 pounds by the end of the month.  Let’s face it, we can’t all attain the body of a female model, so there is no reason to create that kind of goal for ourselves.
Start simple.

2.) Write your ideas down. Yes, keep a journal.  Write out your goals, and make sure that you note your progress.  When you take time to really write out what you want, the more it will solidify in your mind.  Also keep a training journal to record what you do in the gym each and every time you are there.  Or use one of the workout cards that we offer here at Fit For Her.

3.) Get a training buddy. Do you know someone else who is in a fitness rut?  Give them a call!  Working out with a partner can be a very productive, motivating way to reach your goals.  Plus, you are more accountable on those days that you might not feel like going to the gym.

4.) Hire a Professional. If you feel that you have done everything you can on your own, and still aren’t seeing results, consult a personal trainer or dietitian.  Sometimes just doing the things that we know or have worked on in the past are not enough.  A personal trainer or dietitian may have new ideas and tips that could make a life-changing difference to get you out of your slump.

5.) Never give up. Stay positive.  It may take some time to attain your goal, and there will be a few bumps in the road.   Change takes patience.  No results are immediate.  It will take 6-12 weeks to start seeing results.

5.) Join a Boot Camp. A group setting can be very motivating and fun! Try out your local Boot Camp. Most Boot Camps offer free sessions to first time clients.

This year, break the mold by following through with your New Year fitness resolutions! With a little motivation, you can achieve anything.

Committed to Your Health,

Nikol Klein, Certified Personal Trainer / Nutritionist

Last Minute Abs

Get a flat stomach for the Holidays with this quick Ab workout. This workout helped me to get ready for my Fox 5 television debut!

As always, your comments are appreciated! What do you think?

Train Hard,

Nikol Klein, Certified Personal Trainer/ Professional Ballet Dancer