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Nike Fuel Band Review

After months of waiting, I was finally able to get my hands on the new Nike + Fuel Band. Nike had been teasing me with emails since January about this new device so I was anxious to try it out. Working with personal training clients on and off all day long made this seem like the perfect exercise tracker for me and my active lifestyle. I have always wondered just how much energy I am expending throughout the day.

The packaging made me feel like I was about to open a new Apple product. Could this product really live up to its expectations?

After charging, downloading and resizing my Nike Fuel Band, I was ready to see what this device was all about. Contrary to what I had originally believed, the Nike Fuel Band is not a heart rate monitor. It does however track steps, calories, and “fuel” which is really what this device is all about. While I do not feel that the Nike website does a great job of explaining exactly what this device does, I do feel that it will be a great tool for those who are trying to manage their weight and/or track their daily activity levels.

The main positive thing about the Nike Fuel Band concept is that it helps you and encourages you to reach your goals. You can set your daily goals and track them along the way.

Having the wrist circumference of a 10 year old girl, I was very pleased to see that the size of the Nike Fuel Band is adjustable. Just like a watch, it has links to either expand or take out.

So how do you use it? You simply charge it via USB and wear it. It will track your movement all day long. There is also a great option to sync it with your iPhone. Your iPhone will download your activity level and track it though your phone’s bluetooth.

How do I like it? I think this is a great accessory but to be honest, I could probably live without it. Did it tell me anything I didn’t already know? Not really, although it is nice to see how many calories it predicts that I burn each day.

Favorite thing about the Nike Fuel Band: Adjust-ability, calorie tracking, and the flashing LED lights when you reach your goal.

Least favorite thing about the Nike Fuel Band: That it doesn’t work as a heart rate monitor. (but again, it never claimed to)

Price: $149.00

Nike Vomero 6 Running Shoe Review

Since I like to have a healthy, injury free run I change out my running shoes every 6 months. Over the past 6 months, I have been wearing the Air Pegasus 28 (which I also wrote a review about) and the Nike Free Run 2 (which I reviewed as well) but their shoe lives were up and it was time for a change.

I finally had the opportunity to test out the Nike Vomero +6 on a run this afternoon. My favorite running shoe was the Nike Vomero 5 so I wanted to feel out the differences in the updated model. The difference: none that I could feel. I felt the same reliability, response and cushion that I had loved so much in the Vomero +5’s. This is great!
Overall my attitude on the Vomero+ 6 is the same as the 5’s although I think the colors that Nike is offering now are much more attractive. Here is my take on the specs:

Size: Fits true to size. I have to go a half size up in other running shoes.
Width: Runs wide. The toe box is roomy, cushioned and comfortable. Although I have a narrow foot, I have always preferred a wide toe box.
Comfort: Extremely comfortable. I could wear these all day.
Durability: I expect these to hold up just as the Vomero 5’s did.
Support: Neutral. Since these shoes are so gushy and soft inside, there is a lot of room for error if you’re not a seasoned runner.
Overall Grade: A. These are soon to become my favorite running shoes for both the asphalt and the beach. The comfort, control and cushion that I have come to expect from the Nike Vomero Running shoes.

Have you tried out the Nike Vomero+ 6 running shoes? If so, how did they rate?

Top 5 Holiday Fitness Gifts

Are you perhaps looking for a Christmas gift that is “fit” for your active friend, family member, or loved one? Well I have composed a list of the top 5 fitness gifts that they will be sure to love all through the New Year.

Gift #1: Lululemon Scuba Hoodie- This versatile hoodie is a female fitness lovers favorite item to throw on for a chilly workout, following a killer yoga session, or just to cozy up in on a cold day. It even has thumb holes to keep your hands warm! $108-$148 depending on model.

Gift #2: Nike Sport Watch GPS- This hi-tech watch is powered by the famous GPS company TomTom. Head outside for a run and personalize your data on the watch so that you can track progress. Best of all you no longer need the Nike+ shoe sensor so if you don’t wear Nike’s it’s no problem! $199.

Gift #3: Muscle & Fitness Hers Magazine subscription When it comes to fitness magazines, there is only one good read that comes to mind-Muscle & Fitness Hers. Learn real strength training workouts, not the sugar-coated ones. This magazine keeps every month different and uses a wide variety of fitness models, photos, and products. $19.97/year.

Gift #4: Target’s Champion Compression Sports Bras- These inexpensive sports bras give you the support and stability that you need whether you are a runner or a gym rat. Best of all, they come in super fun colors! $16.99

GIft #5: Cross-Core 180- If you have a home gym this is the perfect space-saving piece of equipment. No longer will you need separate machines for each exercise. Everything can be done on the Cross Core. I use this with all of my Del Mar personal training clients. $249


Nike Free Run 2 Review

Today I am going to review the Nike Free Run+ 2 shoe that launched in the Spring of 2011. I have always been big fan of Nike running shoes because of their fit and durability and the Nike Free Run+ 2 is no exception. Here is how the shoe stacks up against the other Nike competitors.

I have primarily been running with the Nike Vomero’s or Nike Air Pegasus 28 so the Nike Free Run+ 2 is a huge contrast. The shoes that I have been running with are super plush and cushioned while the Nike Free Run is fairly stiff in the shank and neutral. As much as the Nike Free brags about the flexibility and freedom of movement, I actually tend to disagree when it comes to this particular model. And by the way, the Nike Free Run+ 2 is MUCH different than the Nike Free 3.0. I was expecting a bit more flexibility like the 3.0 would have.

As I have said in my other shoe reviews, I am a former professional ballet dancer so my foot sensitivity and awareness is high. Here is how I rate the shoe in the following categories;

Size: Fits true to size.
Width: Runs slightly wide, stretches with more wear due to the “slip-on” component.
Comfort: Medium. I wouldn’t want to wear these shoes for a long period of time.
Durability: So far no problems.
Support: Neutral. The shoe insert has an arch support which almost feels stiff like an orthotic (one that was not custom made) while the external and bottom of the shoe is flexible.
Overall Grade: B- While this is a solid shoe with a great design, I could take it or leave it. These shoes make running harder on my body especially asphalt running. My personal preference requires more cushion in a running shoe like the Nike Vomero offers. I will say that they are a great Nike Free entry level shoe if you are worried about the barefoot feel being too forgiving in the Nike Free 3.0 version.

Have you tried the Nike Free Run+ 2 shoes? If so, what was your experience?

San Diego Personal Trainer Top 5 Fall Fitness Gear

As a San Diego personal trainer and Women’s fitness expert, I know how important it is to have the right clothing, shoes and gear for your workout. These are my top 5 must have picks and products that I currently use while I workout whether it be at the beach or at my Del Mar personal training studio.

Best Running Short – Lululemon Speed Short – There is nothing worse during a run than worrying about your shorts riding up. The Lululemon Speed shorts stay in place and give you the feeling that you are running naked. With two front waistband pockets you can conveniently store your phone, ipod or keys and there is also a zip pocket in the back of the shorts for miscellaneous use. They come in lots of cute colors too. These are pricy but you have to try them to understand the true meaning of a comfortable run. $54

Best Sports Bra for Running – Nike Dedication II – This sports bra keeps the girls right where they need to be during a run. The unique middle insert piece keeps them separated, not smooshed, so you can have support without the uni-boob look. After looking at their website it seems as though Nike may be discontinuing this sports bra and replacing it with the Victory Shape sports bra. I’m looking forward to trying this new one out but definitely not tossing the Dedication II just yet. $38

Best Socks – Adidas No-Show 3 strips socks – These versatile socks never lose their shape and have been a staple of mine for years. They hug the perfect spot on the achilles to prevent blisters and rubbing. There’s nothing fancy to them and they make no claim like some socks do. They’re also cheap. Costco 6-pack $12.99

Best Training Shoes – Nike Free XT Motion Fit – I always tell my clients that they should be wearing a different shoe for cardio than training. This shoe is fairly versatile and could almost get away with both. For a training shoe this one is super responsive, allowing for quick reaction while doing plyos and aerobic movement. $90

Best Cool Weather Jacket – Lululemon Mind Over Matter Jacket – This jacket is perfect for those cloudy evenings when simply running in a sports bra and shorts won’t do. Adequate ventilation and mesh back allows for cooling while you sweat. It’s lightweight so it easily ties around your waist without weighing you down during a long run. (sold out) $128

Those are my top 5 Fall Fitness picks of the moment. Feel free to share your opinions and comments below!

Nike Air Pegasus 28 Review

Okay, I will admit it. I am a bit of a Nike shoe whore…Every season I replace both my running shoes and training shoes with Nike’s latest and greatest (or in some cases not so great).

I had actually been using the same running shoes for about 9 months and was quite content with them, the Nike Vomero 5. Being an educated San Diego personal trainer I know that you should replace your shoes about every 6 months so unfortunately it was time to move on. Instead of going with the same shoe in the newer, updated version (Nike Vomero 6 just came out) I decided to switch up my running shoe.

Nike Air Pegasus 28

I ordered the Nike Air Pegasus 28 and in the loudest, brightest colors that they came in. (Apparently I chose Florida Gators colors without knowing…)When my order arrived I was excited to see that these shoes did in fact look exactly as they are pictured on the Nike website. (Sometimes a shoe will arrive and you wonder how and why it looks completely different on the website.) Upon trying them on for the first time I thought that maybe they were a bit too small. Like the Vomero’s my big toe pushed the front of the shoe. Only a trial run would decide whether these shoes were the perfect fit or if they would be a victim of Nike’s 30 day return policy.

To my surprise my big toe tapping the toe of the shoe did not hinder or make my run painful in any way! The leather (?) or fabric on the top, sides and front of the shoe is very supple and soft. My toe hits the top of the Vomero’s too, but a half-size bigger is too loose for my taste. (Being a ballet dancer, I like a shoe that forms to or is one with my foot.) On the contrary, if you like a shoe that fits your foot more compact, DO NOT go with the Nike Lunar Glide 2…this shoe will bruise your toenails because of the plastic toe cap and narrowness of the toe box.

During my 3 mile jog both uphill and downhill I might add, the Nike Air Pegasus 28  felt perfect. Since I have a tendency to slightly over-pronate I felt that this shoe gave me the stability that I needed while not over correcting my natural running movement pattern. All in all it turns out that I like these much better than the Vomero’s.

Give the Nike Air Pegasus 28  try, I highly recommend them whether you are going for a run on the street or the sand!

San Diego Fitness Fashion Favorites

If you’re like me, you love keeping up on the new fitness fashion trends. With the weather finally warming up here in San Diego (it’s mid-August, I know) I want to make sure you are looking and feeling confident in your workout gear. As most of my personal training clients know, I love everything Nike so I’m offering some of my Nike favorites along with a few other fitness apparel brands.

Favorite Shoes: Nike AirMax 2010

These shoes are the best all around workout shoe in my opinion. They have all the fancy and comfortable padding of a running shoe with the lateral stability of a training shoe. These are Nike’s most versatile shoe and are very durable and stylish. They’re gonna cost you though. These kicks will run you $160, but they are worth every penny.

Favorite Leggings: Hard Tail

Hard Tail is known for their soft, form fitting Yoga pants. These crop leggings that were released for Spring 2010 are both comfortable and colorful. (Don’t worry, they come in black too!) The great thing about these leggings is that they are just thick enough to suck in your legs making you feel and look slim. The cotton blend is very breathable. If you act fast, these leggings are 33% off at!

Favorite Sports Bra: Lululemon Ta Ta Tamer

If you’re doing a lot of cardio, you know how painful and unsightly it is to be wearing an ill-fitting sports bra. Lululemon has created an awesome product that supports your “girls” without smooshing them down. (That’s right…no more uni-boob!) The best part is that sizes range all the way from 32B to a 38DD. If you haven’t heard of Lululemon, be sure to check them out online at This sports bra will run you $58.00 and is well worth the post-run pain!

Favorite Shorts: American Apparel Interlock Running Short

I’m not going to lie. I have a lot of these. The great thing about American Apparel is that you can buy multiple colors of their clothes without annoying logos everywhere. The retro look is very in right now. Pair these shorts with some knee high tube socks and you’re the next Holly Madison. (I’m kidding. And that’s not me in the picture there…) You can purchase these at There are 25 different color combos to choose from!

There are so many new fitness fashion trends that I am loving right now so it was hard to narrow it down to these 4 favorites. When in doubt some comfy Yoga pants and a tee or tank will do, but do me a favor

Favorite Fitness Products of 2010

With all of the new fitness products that come out I do my best to test out as much as I can. I always want to have the best recommendations for my San Diego Personal Training clients. Here is a list of my favorite new fitness products that I’ve tried out this year.

1.) Reebok RunTone Shoes- After experimenting with the Reebok EasyTone shoes, Reebok was nice enough to send me out a pair of RunTones for my efforts. These shoes have all of the leg toning benefits of the EasyTones only in a lighter running shoe. Several of my San Diego Personal Training clients have already purchased these shoes on my recommendation and love them! Check out my product review here.

2.) Nike IPod Sensor- If you prefer Nike sneakers, Apple and Nike have made an awesome product that you slip right into the bottom of your Nike compatible shoe that will track and monoitor your workout progress. The data will transfer from the sensor in your shoe to your IPod or IPhone to tell you your mileage, heartrate, and speed. You can find it at or your local Apple store.

3.) Victorias Secret VSX Workout Clothing- Victoria’s Secret is no longer just for undergarments. They now have a great line of workout gear that is not only comfortable but it’s cheap and washes well. With the pricy workout gear these days, Victorias Secret has definitely combined a solid product at a low price. Try their Sports Bras too! Good news, they sell this online and in store.

4.) Norvell Sunless Tanner- Want to look beach bronzed without the burn or orange hands? Try the Norvell Sunless tanning system. Both a popular brand of celebrities and upscale salons, you can finally get that streak-free glow without the dangerous repercussions of the sun. You can only find their products here or from a distributor like myself.

Well there you have it, my favorite new products this year! Give them a try and please feel free to leave some feedback in the comment section below.