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Favorite Spring Fashion Trends

I always blog about fitness but lately I have felt like blogging about fashion. Living in San Diego I see so many people with individual styles unlike the cookie-cutter Abercrombie & Fitch look that the East Coast has embraced so permanently. (not knocking Abercrombie…I worked there as a teen) Southern California gives us the freedom to experiment with different looks and be whatever we are feeling for the day.

My Winter look consisted of mostly black or grey skinny jeans, military looking boots or sky-high stilettos and a black leather jacket with a McQueen skull scarf. I don’t want to stray from this look completely, but I am looking forward to adding some bright colors to my wardrobe.

While this spring I’m not going to even consider ditching my skinny jeans, I am going to embrace the return of the flare! Spring is all about floral and flare so I decided to pick up a pair of Frankie B Punkster Flares. I have always loved Frankie B as it is one of the few brands of denim that fit my figure perfectly. I picked these up at one of my Favorite Del Mar boutiques for $198. I plan on pairing them with a pair of Tory Burch Espadrille Wedges or Clogs (that I bought for fall but never wore…oops). My other Spring obsession is white denim.

Frankie B Flares

To top it off, I’m loving the animal print and floral shirt trend. I also love the look of plain, solid color shirts like the tri-blends from American Apparell or the inexpensive v-neck T shirts from Victorias Secret pink. Both long and short tees are in for Spring/Summer, and I’m definitely going to sculpt my 6-pack abs to perfection to sport a cropped tee.

Victorias Secret Pink Tees

My new favorite swimwear line is by B.Swim. I ordered a suit from this line that is colorful, punky, and glam at the same time. Check out their website…fabulous bikinis! P.S. I typically buy anything that this model, Rachel Bernstein, models. She always makes it look so good.

B.Swim Mohawk Bikini

For shoes when I am not wearing my favoite Nike’s of the moment, you’ll catch my in a pair of Chuck Taylor All-Stars. I bought an awesome black studded tongue pair of Chucks last fall and have decided to get a white pair for Spring/Summer. For the evening I opt for sky-high platform pumps. I’m not a huge flip flop fan…

Converse All Stars

Of course my favorite handbag of the moment is my Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Berkeley bag, but I’m definitely going to look into making a new Damier Azur purchase this Spring. LV is classic and goes with literally everything. I don’t carry a handbag when I go out so for an everyday workaholic like me, I like a handbag that is practical, not too heavy, and durable.

Louis Vuitton Galliera

There are so many new trends for Spring that I love and somehow I managed to narrow it down to the four that come to me the quickest. What are your favorite new items for Spring? Colors? Brands? Be sure to leave a comment below!

San Diego Fitness Fashion Favorites

If you’re like me, you love keeping up on the new fitness fashion trends. With the weather finally warming up here in San Diego (it’s mid-August, I know) I want to make sure you are looking and feeling confident in your workout gear. As most of my personal training clients know, I love everything Nike so I’m offering some of my Nike favorites along with a few other fitness apparel brands.

Favorite Shoes: Nike AirMax 2010

These shoes are the best all around workout shoe in my opinion. They have all the fancy and comfortable padding of a running shoe with the lateral stability of a training shoe. These are Nike’s most versatile shoe and are very durable and stylish. They’re gonna cost you though. These kicks will run you $160, but they are worth every penny.

Favorite Leggings: Hard Tail

Hard Tail is known for their soft, form fitting Yoga pants. These crop leggings that were released for Spring 2010 are both comfortable and colorful. (Don’t worry, they come in black too!) The great thing about these leggings is that they are just thick enough to suck in your legs making you feel and look slim. The cotton blend is very breathable. If you act fast, these leggings are 33% off at!

Favorite Sports Bra: Lululemon Ta Ta Tamer

If you’re doing a lot of cardio, you know how painful and unsightly it is to be wearing an ill-fitting sports bra. Lululemon has created an awesome product that supports your “girls” without smooshing them down. (That’s right…no more uni-boob!) The best part is that sizes range all the way from 32B to a 38DD. If you haven’t heard of Lululemon, be sure to check them out online at This sports bra will run you $58.00 and is well worth the post-run pain!

Favorite Shorts: American Apparel Interlock Running Short

I’m not going to lie. I have a lot of these. The great thing about American Apparel is that you can buy multiple colors of their clothes without annoying logos everywhere. The retro look is very in right now. Pair these shorts with some knee high tube socks and you’re the next Holly Madison. (I’m kidding. And that’s not me in the picture there…) You can purchase these at There are 25 different color combos to choose from!

There are so many new fitness fashion trends that I am loving right now so it was hard to narrow it down to these 4 favorites. When in doubt some comfy Yoga pants and a tee or tank will do, but do me a favor