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San Diego Personal Trainer Being Plagiarized

As a Personal Trainer here in San Diego, I realize the hard work that it takes to build up your own personal brand, establish a method of training, and get clients to commit. I take pride in the fact that I have done all of these things and much more in less than one and a half years time. I am so blessed to have a full schedule of clientele who all believe in me and my unique methods of training. I continue to move forward, challenging both myself and my clients, to create the most current and cutting edge personal training techniques.

While my excellence as a trainer and ideas cannot be duplicated, they have been replicated.  Yes, someone here locally in San Diego is plagiarizing the unique material that I have worked so hard to create on my website. While some would be flattered, I am offended.

Being that I am very passionate about my work and have built my business from the ground up, I am extremely offended that someone would commit such a crime with my copyrighted work. I am an author. I am a creator. I am an educator. I am a mentor. No one can take this from me, but they can try. I think that being a performing artist makes this even more emotional for me. It reminds me of someone stealing choreography (happens all the time in the dance world). I used to wonder why choreographers were so uptight about who was permitted to perform their work. Now I understand.

Personal trainers are defined by their creativity. This fraudulent trainer obviously doesn’t have the creativity to write her own words, and for that I am truly amazed.

Moreover, this individual does not deserve the credit or clientele that she has received by using my words. This is why I will not mention who this individual is or leave a link to their website. Nor does this person deserve the hits to their lack-luster website. How embarrassing would it be for this trainers clients to find out that the content on their website was actually “personal trainer Nikol Klein’s” material! (too bad my schedule is full…)

I urge you all reading this to be individuals. There are no shortcuts in life. Do not take credit for the work of others. Create your own voice in this world…don’t try to steal mine…and please, write your own damn material for crying out loud. If you can’t do that, then find a new profession. You may find that the karma you have coming isn’t worth the “apple” “c” you pressed on your keyboard.

Best in Health,

Nikol Klein

San Diego’s Most Trusted Personal Trainer for Women

Reebok RunTones Hit the Beach

Here is what happened when I took my Reebok RunTone shoes to La Jolla Shores for a beach run…

As a San Diego Personal Trainer, I definitely recommend these shoes for my clients who enjoy jogging for cardio. They add a little extra “lift” to your workout!

La Jolla Boot Camp Meets Reebok EasyTone

After a month of rainy weather, I was finally able to conduct my La Jolla Boot Camp on dry land! I had been waiting to test out my Reebok EasyTone sneakers on the sand of La Jolla Shores. After a long week of standing and product demos at the IHRSA convention here in San Diego, I have to admit, my legs were pretty tired. I wanted to test how effective the EasyTones would be in Boot Camp.

As I tested a few weeks ago, the first thing I noticed was just how hard it was to lunge in these shoes. (you can watch the video here) This was especially true at boot camp on the grass.  We also did a set of lunges in the sand which really challenged our legs. The dynamic warm-up in the grass along with the 30 minute workout went well. Now onto the next challenge…jogging in the sand.

Tide was on the high side this week, so we were forced to jog in the soft sand. This was an extreme challenge in the Easytones as the sand kept moving under the balance pods giving me a feeling that my feet were not completely touching the ground. A good workout for me, but something that I might not recommend for a beginner.

(And let me just warn you, working out in the Easy Tone shoes is not for beginners. It takes a lot of core strength. Keep in mind that these exercises are a bit difficult for me, a fitness professional.)

When I woke up on Sunday morning, my calves were sore. This is probably from trying to stabalize on the sand during the boot camp jog. Reebok has been nice enough to send me out a complimentary pair of RunTone shoes, so I am willing to bet that they will be a bit better for jogging.

That’s all for now! Stay tuned for my RunTone testing videos and blogs!

Reebok Easy Tone Workout

Okay, so here it is…Day #2 of my Reebok Easy Tone experiment. Today I decided to try a simple strength training workout in between clients. Check it out below!

More coming tomorrow!

Choosing a Female San Diego Personal Trainer

As a San Diego Personal Trainer, I specialize in working with Female clients. Whether I am doing in-home personal training or training them here at my Del Mar home gym, I find that Women typically see better personal training results with female trainers.

A female Personal Trainer can help you reach your goals!

There are more Women interested in losing weight and getting fit than there are men, so why are there so few female trainers out there? First off, before I answer this question for you, I want to say that I am in no way sexist. I am just making an observation after my 8 year career as a trusted and successful Personal Trainer. In any case, here is my idea: If you are a guy and you’re a Personal Trainer it’s kind of like a status thing. A lot Male trainers are usually the guys who had the ego problems in high school or were on the Football team. This isn’t the case for all of them…there are some truly wonderful male trainers out there. (think bob from Biggest Loser) But I see this a lot in San Diego and hear about meat-head trainers from a lot of my female clients who now refuse to sign over checks to them.

Women on the other hand usually become Personal Trainers because of a huge change that they made at some point in their lives. Since strength training isn’t necessarily seen as a part of life for Women growing up, female trainers like to promote this to other Women to show them the benefits. Men on the other hand, are taught “weight lifting” from age 12 as it is now introduced in gym class.

Here are the reasons why I feel that Women should train with Female personal trainers.

Not every San Diego personal trainer is created equal– When it comes to choosing a personal trainer, you will find that the market is over-saturated with male trainers advertising their services by the size of their muscles. Women typically are looking to lean out their muscles, so why would they choose to train with someone who is advertising a bulky product?

Women know Women– Sure you have to study anatomy to become certified, but there are certain things that you just have to experience in life in order to grasp a true understanding. Take female hormones and menstruation for example. Need I say more? A male trainer will likely have no idea what it feels like to hit the gym hard during “that time of the month,” thus he probably will not know how to adjust your workout program accordingly.

Knock, knock– If your San Diego Personal Trainer does in-home training, how comfortable do you feel having a man that you barely know come to your house to give you a one on one personal training session? Even more, how does your spouse feel about that?

Choose a specialist– If you are looking for real results, you are best off choosing a trainer who specializes in weight loss for women. This trainer should be able to get your body to the desired look you are going for. More than likely this will be a female trainer.

I hope that you are able to better understand how a female San Diego personal trainer will have a better understanding of female clients, thus get them the desired fitness results they are looking for. Now go out and find one!

Del Mar Personal Trainer Nikol Klein, specializes in Personal Training for Women. She conducts in-home Personal Training, Weight Loss and Nutrition programs in addition to Boot Camps. She is also an accomplished Professional Ballet Dancer.

10 Great Holiday Fitness Gifts

Now that you have transformed your life through Personal Training, it is time to give the gift of fitness to a friend or loved one this holiday season. We all know of at least one person in our lives who could desperately use a gentle nudge in the right direction. A fitness gift could change this persons life forever or in some cases, maybe even save it.

Here are a few of the best holiday fitness gifts that you could give a friend or loved one whether they are new to fitness or a fitness enthusiast.

1.) Nike iPod Sport Kit- This wireless sensor and receiver combination works exclusively with your Nike+ shoes and iPod nano, iPod touch, or iPhone 3GS to give you real-time feedback during workouts and let you track your performance on your Mac or PC. Find out more here.

2.) Yoga Mat- An avid gym goer could always use a new one of these as after time, they become loaded with germs and bacteria.

3.) Personal Training- Most Personal Trainers such as myself, offer Holiday gift certificates for training sessions or boot camps.

4.) A Spa/Massage Gift Certificate- Everyone could use a little pampering.

5.) Yoga Toes- Do your feet get tired after a long day at work? If so, you have to check out Yoga Toes.

6.) Sneakers- If you are working out and utilizing your athletic footwear, you should be buying a new pair of kicks every 4-6 months! Bum sneakers can lead to serious injury.

7.) Wii-Fit- If you can’t afford a Personal Trainer, this is the next best thing.

8.) Workout Gear- I’m a big fan of Lululemon and Hard Tail for comfortable yet stylish workout gear.

9.) A Heart Rate Monitor- Whether you’re working out with a Trainer or doing it yourself, a heart rate monitor is a must for any fitness enthusiast.

10.) A Bike- Bikes always make great holiday gifts. You could also consider an elliptical trainer or treadmill.

I hope these suggestions have given you some holiday shopping ideas! Remember, the gift of fitness could be the best gift your friend or loved one will receive in their entire life.

Best in Health,

Nikol Klein, Certified Personal Trainer/ Nutritionist




5 Holiday Weight Loss Sins


A sugary recipe for diet disaster!

The Holiday season is quickly approaching along with excuses for overindulgence. Holiday parties, visits with family, and vacations can really throw your fitness routine off schedule. What can you do to ensure that you don’t lose everything that you have worked for over the Holidays?

Here are the 5 most common weight loss sins committed during the holidays;

Sin #1 Alcohol- During the holiday months, it’s everywhere. What can you do to prevent added pounds from calorie filled alcoholic beverages? Stay away from sugary beverages, mixed drinks, and beer. Your belly will thank you for it come January.

Sin #2 Lack of Exercise- Around the holidays, it may feel necessary to cancel appointments with your trainer. Afterall, you burn calories shopping, right? While walking around the mall may burn a few calories, nothing replaces your intense 30 minute workout with your trainer. You don’t want to feel like you’re starting over in January.

Sin #3 Too much food- Now is not the time to eat an extra serving of mashed potatoes. Avoid Thanksgiving dinner carbohydrates like the swine flu. Instead make sure you are eating a balanced meal. Turkey is a great source of protein, but steer clear of the gravy boat.

Sin #4 Giving in to the Weather- My clients here in San Diego don’t get the cold weather blues, but to my loyal followers all over the country, the weather can affect your will to exercise. Do yourself a favor and remove yourself from the warm, cozy house and hit the gym!

Sin #5 Staying up Late- You are entitled to a few late nights, but don’t turn into a party animal all of a sudden over the holidays. Your body needs its rest to properly recover from the workouts you are doing in the gym or with your trainer. Try to get your eight hours of sleep every night!

Steer clear of these 5 holiday weight loss sins and you will beat the holiday bulge! With a good Personal Trainer like myself, you can stay motivated to keep on track. Don’t get me wrong, celebrate by all means, but don’t overindulge or you will pay come January!

Committed to Your Health,

Nikol Klein, Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist/ Professional Ballet Dancer

Last Minute Abs

Get a flat stomach for the Holidays with this quick Ab workout. This workout helped me to get ready for my Fox 5 television debut!

As always, your comments are appreciated! What do you think?

Train Hard,

Nikol Klein, Certified Personal Trainer/ Professional Ballet Dancer

3 Misunderstood Weight Loss Facts

Ever wonder why the scale isn’t changing? Are you feeling great, but not seeing the results? The following are 3 commonly misunderstood Weight Loss facts for Women.

Women like to judge their fitness success around the scale. If you have been doing San Diego Personal Training with me,  you know that you will lose inches before the numbers start to go down on the scale. I take each of my clients measurements once a month to keep them from getting discouraged. My average client loses 6 inches in one month, but I have seen as many as 16! Now this doesn’t mean that you will lose these many inches every month, but it is a good starting point!


Take measurements at least once per month

Here are 3 Weight Loss facts that are misunderstood;

Fact #1 is that muscle weighs more than fat so it may take a few months before you start to see your weight go down on the scale. This is why it is imperative that you do not get discouraged with your trainer or, worse yet, yourself in the first few months of training. By month two or three you will see a drop in your weight.

Fact #2 is that it will take at least 6 months for you to reach your goals. How long did it take you to put on the weight? A year? Ten years?  Now, how can you expect it to come off so easily? It takes a complete lifestyle change to reach your goal weight.

Fact #3 You may fit into those skinny jeans before you reach your goal weight! So STOP looking at the scale so often. All of my clients will attest that they noticed a difference in the way their clothes fit before they noticed a change in their weight.

So there you have it. With a good San Diego Personal Trainer like myself, you can start losing inches and gaining confidence. Sometimes it’s not all about pounds…it’s about the way you feel. What have you done to make yourself feel good today?

Committed to Your Health,

Nikol Klein, Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist

Why Your New Year’s Resolution Needs to Start Today

Let’s face it, Women everywhere procrastinate when it comes to weight loss. Around this time of year, Fall, there is always one excuse that I hear. “I will wait to start on a training program and diet in January for my New Year’s resolution.”

The truth is that your New Year’s resolution needs to start now.

Why would you want to wait until January for a body you could start chiseling and toning today?
Here are the top 3 benefits of starting today;

1.) If you start now, it will be less likely that you will overindulge during the Holidays.

2.) 63% of Women who start an exercise routine on January 1st give up by the middle of February.

3.) Have a certain Personal Trainer who you are dead set on working with? If they are a great trainer, they may be all booked up by that time!

The bottom line? If you have weight loss goals already in mind, you need to put them into action now. The longer you procrastinate the more your current health and fitness level will deteriorate.
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